Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Shiv Temple (bagot) Haryana:

Shiv Temple Bagot
located 25 kms from Mahendragarh, Bagot is religiously a especially important place. There is a well-known Shiva temple here. A large fair is held on the eve of Shiva-Ratri in the month of Sawan, corresponding with the monsoon months. A huge number of people come here from far and wide to worship the idol of Lord Shiva.

Main Ritual

Shiva temple India Bagot
People take vows that upon the fulfillment of their desires, they will visit the temple and present the water from the holy Ganges. As per their vows taken previous and their requirements having been fulfilled, the devotees go to Hardwar a week before the fair to bring Ganga water in two small pitchers known as 'Kawars'. They travel on foot throughout the whole return journey from Haridwar to Bagot. They do not put these pitchers on the earth, as it is supposed that by doing so the sacred water contained there in will become impure.

On reaching Bagot, they sprinkle Ganga water over the stone idol of Shiva and offer worship during the day by singing hymns and bhajans in his eulogy.

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