Monday, 24 May 2010

Birla Mandir Haryana

The Birla Mandir is situated in the north of Brahma Sarovar, is a stylish piece of structural design. It is only completed up of white marble, attractive the beauty of Kurukshetra. In the garden of the Temple, there is a big sized marble chariot. The chariot is seen drawn by four horses. Lord Krishna and Arjun are seen sitting on it. Present is one couplet from every of the eighteen chapters of Geeta inscribed on all surface of the chariot. In addition to these, there is also a `Gaj Ghanta` complete of white marble installed in the garden.
According to a well-liked legend, a Titu bird had laid her eggs in the field where the Kurukshetra war was fought in the Mahabharata. She was anxious regarding the protection of her newborn kids when she saw the actions of the elephants. She prayed to God and a bell broke from the neck of an elephant along with fell over the nest. Thus, the nest was made safe during the eighteen-day war of Kurukshetra.

The chief hall consists of the idol of Lord Krishna, portraits of Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind, Sant Ravi Dass, Guru Teg Bahadur, Ved Vyas, and Tulsi Das along with their sayings.

Further than this there is a `dharmasala` within the temple complex. The main festival celebrated in the temple is Janmashtami. It is celebrated with huge pomp and enthusiasm.

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