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Mansa Devi Temple Haryana

Mansa Devi Temple is lying in Bilaspur village, about three kilometers east of Mani Majra in Chandigarh, has two temples devoted to the goddess. It is supposed that the older temple was built by the ruler of Mani Majra. Mata Mansa Devi Temple at Panchkula is a sign of Himalayan culture and faith. The holy place situated on the foot hills of Shivalik is an epitome of age old tradition of ‘Shakti’ worship in northern India. Himalaya being the abode of Shiva and his consort’shakti’ became centre of shakti worship. In the vicinity of Panchkula present are many Shakti worshipping centers called by their names such as Chandi, Kalika, Mansa, Bhima etc. Hence, mythological speaking, Chandigarh-Panchkula region undoubtedly continued to be living legends of shaktism where its practices are in vogue. Though, the present temple which stands a witness to the exciting past of the Shivalik area is about two hundred years old.
Here two temples are situated in the complex of Mansa Devi. The chief temple is dedicated to Mansa who is worshipped in the sanctum sanctorum both in the form of ‘pindi’ as fine as in her anthropomorphic form executed on a marble. In the study sanctorum she is worshipped with Devi Saraswati and Lakshmi in the form of Pindi (Stone pebbles). Initially the pindis were only worshipped by the devotees. Though, in modern times a marble bust of the deity was got sculpted for giving an attractive human look (form) to the deity. She is beautifully decorated through crown and further ornaments. Interestingly the architecture of the major temple (Mansa Devi) is not in consonance with the Shivalik region wherever typically a typical ‘ Nagara’ or curvilinear spira temples were erected. This is in sharp contrast to the atmosphere of the region as the major temple manifests a typical moghul architecture represent by domes and minarets. Architecturally speaking the temple has been built in Panchayatana pattern in which at four basic corners place four shrines with the main shrine (fifth shrine) being located the centre.

How to reach

One can easily reach Mansa Devi Temple by taking local Buses, rickshaws, Tongas or by hiring taxis from Haridwar

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