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Lotus Temple New Delhi

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Lotus Temples India
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lotus temple delhi
Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple is located 12 km to the southeast of Connaught Place. Architecturally one of the mainly fine Hindu temples of India, Delhi Lotus Temple is known as so because it is built in the form of a Lotus flower. The temple got finished in the year 1986 and rises to a height of more than 40 m. Situated on Bahapur Hills, it is the seventh and the newest Baha'i houses of worship in the world. Bahai Temple of New Delhi is a white marble monument considered like a half-opened lotus.

Twenty-seven giant lotus petals of white marble spring out from nine pools and walkways of the temple. These walkways stand for the nine unifying religious paths of the Baha'i faith. Gracefully manicured lawns contain the building of the Lotus Temple. Quiet is a requirement inside the New Delhi Lotus Temple. Also, one needs to take off the shoes while entering inside. Made up of marble, cement, sand and dolomite, this temple is often equated with the Sydney Opera House. Baha'i Temple in Delhi is often compared to the Sydney Opera House.
Present is a simple, but outstanding 34.27 m high central hall in the temple where people sit and meditate. Petal alcoves of the temple are decorated with inspiring quotes of the Baha'i sacred scriptures. Although the temple belongs to the Baha'i sect, it is open to people of every and every faith. The Baha'i religion, an independent one, places huge significance on prayer and thought as instruments for the growth of the human soul. Dedicated to the oneness of all religions and mankind, it traces its origins to its prophet Baha'u'llah, born in Persia in the 20th century.

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