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Akshar Dham Temple Gujarat:

Akshar dham temple india
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Akshardham Temple's Area

Akshar Dham Temple Gujarat

Akshar Dham temple is situated in Gujarat Gandhinagar Sector 20,’J’ Road west India.

It is the most well-known temple of the Swaminarayan Sect which is the richest sect in the world. The Akshar Dham temple is constructing with pink stones having good-looking carvings. The Akshar dham complex houses the initial ever interactive display under one roof. It is bordered by lush green gardens and very good fountains. This temple is situated in Gandhinagar.

Akshar dham is not just a temple, but a place of Education, Entertainment and Enlightenment. There are 73 richly patterned and 63 partially carved pillars.

How to Reach to Akshar dham

By Air: Nearest Airport is in Ahmedabad located about 31 km. from Gandhinagar.

By Rail: Nearest Railway Stations are Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad and are linked with all the main cities in western parts of India.

By Road: State transport buses and private luxury coaches are available to reach Akshardham Gandhinagar from different cities of Gujarat.


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