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Gajanan Maharaj Temple India:

Shree Gajanand_Maharaj
Shree Gajanand Maharaj
Gajanand Maharaj
Gajanan Maharaj temple wallpapers
Shree Gajanan Maharaj Temple india
Gajanan Maharaj Temple Shegaon
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Gajanand Maharaj Shegaon
Gajanand Maharaj Temple
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Anand Sagar image

Gajanan Maharaj Temple

Gajanan Maharaj Temple is situated at Shegaon, a public town in Buldhana District of Maharashtra. It protects the idol of Shri Gajanan Maharaja, which is flanked by the statue of Goddess Durga and padukas in the front

A specialty of Gajanan Maharaj temple is that one who visits the holy place is given Bhakri and jhunka as prasad. The temple has a large compound with memorial of Lord Shiva and Hanuman.

The famous place of Gajanan Maharaj Temple is Anand Sagar. Anand Sagar project proposes to cover an area of 325 acres of land covering a huge water reservoir increase over 55 acres There will be 30-35 feet high statue of Swami Vivekananda above a meditaflon cell at the centre of the water reservoir Proposed meditation cell will be a replica of well-known Vivekananda Kendro at Kanyakumarllocofed at southern fip ot India II wIll alsa include Swami Vivekanonda Sanskrufik Kendra and Sadhano Sthall There will be a huge Amphitheatre (seafing capacity 3500) to organize educational activities, functions and exhibition, as well Electronic museum, Aquarium, Water source museum, Children park (Amuse. ment and Water), Sansthan also has plans to increase 'Gajanar VihaJ' l.e, housing complex with special types of apartments, by sharing marginally their construction cost with the devotees.

Anand Sagar is expected to attract devotees and tourist alike, this holy place will be a huge source of holy inspiration to a lot of visitors. It would symbolize huge contribution of Sansthan towards religious and cultural growth of the society.

How to Reach: Shegaon Railway Station is the nearest railhead, which falls on the Mumbai-Kolkata route.


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