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Jakhu Temple

Jakhu Temple

The Jakhu Temple in Shimla is located at a height of 2455 Mts. The temple is dedicated to lord Hanuman, the monkey god in Indian mythology. Hanuman was the mainly true aide of lord Rama (India’s most revered mythological hero). The temple of Hanuman is in the thick forests of Jakhu hills, and is on top the Jakhu Hill. Jakhu is derived from Hindi word Yakhsa. Yakshas are the mythological natures in Hindu mythology, which are connect between human and gods. The unique dates of temple are not identified, although it is believed to be existing from the times of Ramayana, a pre historic event as per very old Hindu texts. The Jakhu hill is the top peak around Shimla, and is well-known for its trekking options. The Jakhu hill offers outstanding views of sunrise, sunset, mountains and town. The hill is full of narrow paths and roads which are an enjoyable walks.

The Legends

The Jakhu temple is said to be created when lord Hanuman visited Jakhu hill. As per legends, Hanuman visited this place throughout the well-known Rama - Ravana fight. Lakshman, the younger brother of Rama, was seriously injured during the fight and the only medicinal herb which might have saved his life was available in the Himalayan range. Hanuman came to Himalayas, but got confused, so as to which was the particular herb. Out of worry, he dug out the whole mountain, which contained the herbs and flew to Lanka, where injured Lakshman and his doctor were waiting for him. On his way back, Hanuman rested on the Jakhu hills, and the top of the mountain got flat by his and mountain’s weight. The temple of Jakhu has since been very revered by the locals. The holy place of the temple is the foot prints of Hanuman. In most of the Hanuman temples in India, one can come across numerous monkeys and Jakhu is no exception. There are hundreds of monkeys in and around the temple. While typically very peaceful, they can attack a person, if provocated. Pilgrims present them eatables, which they readily recognize.

How to reach Jakhu Temple

Jakhu Temple is situated at a height of around 2 Km from the base of Jakhu hill. To reach the temple, a trek of 2 kms, through dense pine forests is required. The trek is very tiring. One can also hire ponies from the base of hills, to take a to and fro ride to temple. Walking sticks are also offered at the shops on the base of Jakhu hill.

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