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Badrinath Temple:

Narada Kunda near badrinath temple
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badrinath temple photo
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Badrinath Temple:

The Badrinath Temple is devoted to Vishnu (Preserver in the Hindu Trinity of Creator-Preserver-Destroyer). The presiding deity of the hindu temple is Badrinath temple (another form of Vishnu), also know as Badri Vishal or Badrinarayan. Shankaracharya is supposed to contain installed the god within the holy place after it was thrown into the Narada Kunda (a very hot water spring near the Badrinath temple) in the days of Buddhist ascendancy.

Badrinath temple is depicted sitting in the padmasana (‘lotus position’), in which the feet are located on opposite thighs. He is bordered by a host of gods.

The most important ones amongst these are Kubera, the God of riches, and Ganesha, the God of knowledge and Prosperity.

Inside the Badrinath temple complex is another shrine dedicated to Laksmi, the Goddess of Fortune. This holy place is located to the left of the main temple building. The front section is painted in red. Outside the exit door of the Badrinath Temple is the seating place of Shankaracharya, who meditated here. The Badrinath Temple remains closed during winter.


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