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Chamunda Mataji Temple at Chotila Gujarat, India:

Chamunda Mataji Temple photo
Chamunda Mataji temple pictures
Chamunda Mataji Temple wallpaper
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Chotila temples wallpaper
Chamunda Mataji Temple at Chotila Gujarat, India

The well-known Chamunda Mataji temple is located at Chotila, a small town near Rajkot in Gujarat State. Chotila is located closely in the center of Ahmedabad and Rajkot, the two major cities of Gujarat State. Chamunda Mataji is the Kuldevi (family Goddess) of most of the Hindus staying in Saurashtra area of Gujarat State, situated in the north of it. Thousands of pilgrims come to Chotila every year and achieve the darshnas of Chamunda Mataji.Chamunda Mataji Temple Chotila is a small town having population of around 20,000 people and is a taluka head quarter of Rajkot district.

The Mataji temple is placed at the top of the Chotila Mountain. Mataji temples are always placed at the top of the hills in India and the reason for this is that if you want darshnas of Mataji, you will have to feel some physical strain. Chotila Mountain is around 1250 feet high and is situated around 40 miles away from Rajkot, and around 50 miles away from Ahmedabad.

One can easily reach Chotila within about one and a half hour from Ahmedabad by the national highway number 8B it is passing through the entire Gujarat State. As soon as you reach Chotila, you will find number of shops that sale prasads of Mataji, different types of Gujarati souvenirs like thick bangles with engraving, CDS and DVDS of Chamunda Mataji, and lots of toys for all ages of children. There are thousands of such shops situated at the bottom of the Chotila hill.

You can start your climb from the base after walking some distance. There are stoned steps up to the top of the hill. These steps were not covered by the shadow before about 5 years. However, a good shade and railings now cover the whole walkway thus providing comfort to all the pilgrims. Well-known industrialists, Ambani brothers of Reliance industries have donated this covering and the shades on the hill.


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